Demon Face

a tale of pareidolia

Do you remember the faces in the wallpaper that stopped you getting to sleep as a child?

They remember you.

One woman thought she'd forgotten all about them but when she returns home to help her parents move out it all comes flooding back. The Demon Face. The nightmares. The headaches.

Still, it's all in the past now.

Or is it?

Praise for The Demon Face and Other Stories:

“Consistently good, characters well realised, situations inventive and believable”

British Fantasy Society

“Captures the spirit of troll-driven message boards, cyber-witch hunts and divisive political rhetoric ... this is horror fiction at its best”

Transgress Magazine

Originally available as part of the collection The Demon Face and Other Stories (still available on Amazon for only 99p), this 10,000 word short story is now available free to download here for a limited time. The ebook also contains an exclusive 3,000 word extract from the novel Comeback (currently crowdfunding at Unbound).

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